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St. Lucy’s LUMEN
The yearbook is a workshop course designed to produce the St. Lucy’s LUMEN. The yearbook is student-produced with facilitation provided by an advisor and publisher. Students cultivate practices in page planning, color theory, copy writing, photography, editing, and layout techniques. Students must be in the 10th, 11th, and 12th grades. Prerequisite: Minimum GPA of 2.5 and an interview process including teacher recommendation. Pass/Fail grading is used.
Our staff objectives are to develop team collaboration, initiative and leadership skills. Through the process of our producing the yearbook we also aspire to:
  • Represent the diversity, spirituality, and interests of the St. Lucy’s community
  • Recognize the historical contribution to the school, and in the process, further their understanding of the tradition and values of their Catholic community
  • Publish the yearbook and literary magazine, meeting all necessary criteria and deadlines
  • To learn the basic visual design principles, creative writing, layout and publishing software, photography, budget and money management strategies through practical experience
  • To learn to work within a budget
  • To learn through group interaction
  • To help students learn to govern and manage groups for a common purpose
  • To help students respond to events of the year by creatively photographing and writing about the experiences they encounter
  • To help students evaluate events, writing, photography, and design to meet style guidelines
  • To help students understand production techniques and appreciate the collaborative process of producing a publication
  • To utilize Photoshop and Quark Express to produce a publication
  • To help students gain aesthetic enjoyment of their own experiences and work