The St. Lucy’s Athletic Department provides our student athletes the opportunity to promote the lifelong skills needed to develop into educated, integrated, collaborative, and spiritual woman through their lessons of competitive sports. By participating in sports, student athletes demonstrate leadership skills, respect for others, value communication between players and coaches and promote sportsmanship. They act with integrity and honor and have an understanding of their role in the school and community. We are proud of our Regent athletes, who value team accomplishments above personal achievements.
The general philosophy of St. Lucy's is one that fosters the spiritual, academic, and social development of the athlete. A program of interscholastic sports is offered for those who choose to participate in athletic development. All athletic activities are in conjunction with the rules and regulations set forth by the California Interscholastic Federation. Our athletic goals are:

1. To provide the opportunity for all St. Lucy’s students to participate in athletics.
2. To provide players with the instruction, motivation and training necessary to develop a high level of skill.
3. The athletic program must always be kept in balance with academic goals and realize that these young women are both students and athletes.
4. To encourage the value and enjoyment of participating and striving for excellence.
5. To develop and improve citizenship, leadership, sportsmanship and teamwork.
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