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Year-End Giving

Help Us Ring In The New Year By Donating To Our
Year-End Giving Project!
Dear St. Lucy's Priory High School Community,
As 2021 comes to a close, we need your support now more than ever before! St. Lucy's will be renovating the roof of the North Building, which will bring safety to our Regent community in the year ahead. Please help us by donating to our Year-End Giving Project, and be a part of this meaningful and essential improvement to our campus. As we look to our St. Lucy’s adage of “Light, Truth and Peace,” we are thankful for the clarity to see what is needed in our near future to serve our Regent students and families.

This holiday season, many of us were fortunate enough to gather with family and loved ones, which is something we have learned this past year not to take for granted. We know how resilient our community has been, as you ALL have withstood personal and financial hardships, and continue to overcome the challenges that arise. St. Lucy’s Priory High School is no different. Our priority has been and will always be to empower young women to be faithful, principled, and compassionate members of society. We are reminded today that the safety of our students as they embark on this journey is integral. Our Year-End Giving Project is to repair the significant damage to the roof of the North Building, after many years of wear and tear. During this current winter season, and the constant downpours we have faced recently, the North Building is in danger of detrimental leaks and structural damage. The repairs and restoration are needed for the following reasons:

  1. To ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff as they walk our beloved halls and occupy our classrooms;

  2. To save the building from further upheaval from the downpour of rains that are soon to come this winter season; and

  3. To prevent future costs from detrimental damage if these needs are not attended to.

Please give TODAY towards this restoration project with a 100% tax-deductible gift of $50, $100, $250, $500 or more. There is no gift too small! Not only does this give you a chance to donate to our project, but by making a donation today, you are also supporting our current Regent students, faculty and staff, as well as many generations of Regents to come! YOU are helping advance our mission of educating bright and spiritual young leaders of tomorrow by helping us restore and modernize our buildings. 
Thank you for continuing to be an integral part in the success and growth of St. Lucy's; We are forever grateful for your impact and presence in our Regent Community!