Yearbook Overview

The yearbook course is a workshop course designed to produce the St. Lucy’s LUMEN. The yearbook is student-produced with facilitation provided by an advisor and publisher. Students must be in the 11th and 12th grades in order to participate. The LUMEN team prides itself on producing a yearbook that defines the St. Lucy’s way. The beauty of the campus and our special sisterhood is cultivated in techniques in page planning, color theory, creative writing, photography, editing, and creating layouts. Join our yearbook staff to experience our shared love of putting cherished memories onto paper. See the list of our awesome 2021-2022 Staff below! 

2021 - 2022 Staff


Samantha Arenas

Krystal Bachoura

Lea Brown

Cheyenne Compuesto

Mary Dierking

Celeste Dominguez-Benitez

Elizabeth Golding

Emily Golding

Madeline Hughes

Saraí Jimenez

Emery Joseph

Brooklyn Juarez

Vanessa Marascola

Payton Parker

Tiffany Peltecki

Ryann Reyes

Cait Rowland

Sibilla Schwary

Chelsie Joy Tanjuaquio

Lauren Tovar


Staff Testimonials

"I love my school, and what better way to create a yearbook than with my best friends" - Emily Golding '22
"I enjoy the experience of being a part of something so meaningful and being able to forge new friendships" - Vanessa Marascola '23
"Yearbook to me is someplace where I can use my creativity to create a memory book that everyone at St. Lucy’s will cherish forever" - Tiffany Peltecki '22
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