Letter Jacket & Letter Information

As athletes consider the purchase of a letter jacket, please keep the following in mind. The letter jacket is an item that is earned by the student through participation in a varsity sport at St. Lucy’s Priory High School. The purchase of a letter jacket is NOT A REQUIRMENT for participation in a sport at SLPHS. The letter jacket is an extension of the St. Lucy’s uniform, therefore, there are specific regulations and guidelines concerning the purchase of the jacket, the color and style of the jacket, the items placed on the jacket, and the location of the allowed items.
There are numerous online and local sources available to choose from to order the letter jacket. When placing your order, please follow the color guidelines outlined below. If the guidelines outlined below are not followed, the letter jacket may not be worn on campus. In addition, different vendors can be found to sew on patches and embroidery.
Many SLPHS families have used our vendor:
Rev Varsity -  https://www.revvarsity.com/homepage
ph: 909 592 6006     e: [email protected]
301 E. Arrow Hwy.  Ste. 102,
San Dimas, CA 91773
The jacket and letter patches must be designed with the school colors and may not be changed or altered.
  • Body: Royal Blue (color code: PMS 539)
  • Sleeves: White
  • Trim: White/ sky blue (color code: PMS 291)
  • Hood: Sky Blue (color code: PMS 291)
  • Font (Style): Trajan Pro or Brush Script Std (regular and bold)
  • Royal Blue body with white leather sleeves, and sky blue hood.
  • Students who have earned a letter may purchase and wear a SLPHS letter jacket.
  • Eligibility: One season on a Varsity sport.
  • Process: The head coach will submit his/her list of students who qualify for a letter to the Athletic Office.
Varsity Athletes Only:
Varsity athletes will receive a sport insert, in addition to their letter, for their first year of participation on a varsity team. Inserts are to be sewn on their SL letter. Each subsequent year played on the same varsity team, athletes will receive a bar to indicate each year of participation on the same varsity team. Sports inserts and bars may be obtained, free of charge, from the Athletic Office, after the head coach has confirmed the student is eligible to receive an insert or bar.
Students who wear a jacket are expected to follow the policy listed below when adding embroidery or additional items to their jackets.
  • Only athletic features, accomplishments earned by the student, and/or religious symbolism may be sewn on the jacket.
  • May add embellishments such as “bling” to only the athlete’s last name on the back on the jacket.
Any violations of the St. Lucy’s Letter Jacket school policy will result in the student-athlete not being permitted to wear her jacket on campus.
If you have any additional questions pertaining to the requirements of the letter jacket, please contact the Athletic Department: (626) 335-1410