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Uniform and Dress Code

Uniform Philosophy
St. Lucy’s students represent all members of the school community: administration, faculty, staff, the current student body, families, and all of St. Lucy’s alumnae and friends. The school and team sport uniforms students wear identify them as members of the St. Lucy’s community. Uniforms are worn daily unless specified by the administration. School uniforms must be purchased through Dennis Uniform Company. Wearing uniforms properly and with pride reflects positively on students and all of the St. Lucy’s community.
St. Lucy’s Priory High School seeks to maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to the highest quality of academic pursuit and conduct. Since the appearance of students contributes greatly to an attitude in school and the respect they earn in public, all students are expected to adhere to the following sections regarding uniform expectations.
Policy Enforcement
Parents are responsible to see that their daughter leaves home properly dressed and groomed for school and school-sponsored activities. Parents are to ensure that their daughter regularly follows conventional standards for personal hygiene. All members of the school community are expected to support compliance with the dress and grooming policy.
In all instances, the school reserves the right to regulate against unbecoming fads or fashions that reflect negatively on the person and/or school.
It is the right and responsibility of the faculty to enforce the dress code.
Parents are informed that students may serve detention for refusing to follow school policies. Parents may be called to bring proper clothing or students may be sent home if they do not comply with school policy.
Students and parents may monitor dress code infractions in the student’s individual Behavioral Log in TeacherEase. Students and parents will receive an email notification upon a dress code infraction.
Students are required to look neat and clean at all times. Anything that could be considered excessive by way of skirt length, make-up, hairstyles, hair length, hair color, inappropriate or gaudy jewelry, fingernails, or lack of refinement in dress is indicative of poor taste for school wear. Students may not wear curlers, rollers, head coverings, hats, beanies, scarves, forehead bands, etc. to school at any time.
Uniforms and shoes must be clean, unmarked and in good repair at all times. If for any reason a student is unable to be in uniform, a signed note from her parent is REQUIRED. The note is presented to Administration BEFORE school and a permit slip is issued.
  • Ear piercings are allowed. However, no plugs and no bars.
  • Nose piercing must be a modest stud and size, no nose rings. No eyebrow piercings; no lip, tongue, cheek, or chin piercings; no other visible body piercing.
  • No visible tattoos. Face/body paint is permissible on campus at rallies only.
  • Extreme hair colors such as red, pink, green, etc. are not acceptable. Bleaching, unnatural streaking of hair or extreme hair-styles are not permitted. Multi-colored or two-toned hair is not permitted.
  • Skirt length must be no shorter than three (3) inches from the top of the knee. Skirts must be buttoned, zipped and unrolled at all times.
  • Only Dennis Uniform cardigans are allowed. A uniform polo MUST be worn. No additional logos, designs or wordings may be added to cardigans.
  • Pants must be hemmed to the top of the shoe and worn at the natural waist. Pants may not be rolled at the leg. No frayed or cut hems are allowed on pants. If a belt is worn, it must be a plain black or navy color with no embellishments.
Only navy shorts purchased from Dennis Uniform may be worn. Shorts cannot be rolled.
Approved solid color socks must always be worn and must always be visible above the ankle without logos of any kind. Plain tights or nylons may be worn. Leg warmers, thermals, thigh-high stockings, and fishnet stockings are not allowed. Approved sock colors: Blue, white, gray, or black. No sparkles or prints. Solid black leggings may be worn with socks.
Only solid color athletic, loafer style, or high top shoes are acceptable. Toms, moccasins or moccasin style shoes, slippers, Uggs, boots, high/spike heels or sandals of any kind are not allowed at any time. Shoe laces must be tied.
All shoes must be closed at the heel and toe. Shoes must be worn at all times for any school event or activity. Approved colors: Blue, white, gray, black, or brown. No sparkles or prints. Dress shoes must be a black flat.
Only solid color t-shirts or turtlenecks may be worn under the school polo. Acceptable colors are white, navy, blue, gray or black. No t-shirt may hang below the polo.
St. Lucy’s sweatshirts may be purchased at the Spirit Store. NO HOODED SWEATSHIRTS are allowed. Athletic team sweatshirts may be worn after school only. Senior sweatshirts may be worn by seniors upon approval of privileges. A polo must always be worn under a sweatshirt.
All outerwear is considered part of the uniform. The only sweaters, sweatshirts and jackets that can be worn as part of the uniform must be purchased at Dennis Uniform or the student store. Blankets are never allowed.
The letter jacket is an item that is earned by the student through participation in a varsity sport or activity at St. Lucy’s Priory High School. The purchase of a letter jacket is NOT A REQUIREMENT for participation in a sport or activity at SLPHS. The letter jacket is an extension of the St. Lucy’s uniform, therefore, there are specific regulations and guidelines concerning the purchase of the jacket, the color and style of the jacket, the items placed on the jacket, and the location of the allowed items. Please read about the guidelines on our website.
DENNIS UNIFORM COMPANY -- All uniforms are purchased through Dennis Uniform
The Dennis Uniform Company
2640 North San Fernando Road, Los Angeles, CA 90065
800-854-6951 or 323-441-0168
Online at www.dennisuniform.com
St. Lucy’s school code LA00DK.