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Student Outcomes

Integral Student Outcomes (ISOs)
St. Lucy's Priory High School graduates become...
  • SPIRITUAL WOMEN who will…
    • exhibit a knowledge and appreciation of the Catholic faith rooted in Benedictine traditions.
    • apply moral and ethical values to decision making.
    • act on principles of peace and justice.
    • articulate a personal spirituality while respecting the beliefs of others.
    • demonstrate self-directed leadership as members of a global society.
    • demonstrate a willingness to minister to one another, recognizing the dignity of the human person.
    • worship with others through prayer, scripture, liturgical celebrations, retreats and involvement in Christian service.
  • EDUCATED WOMEN who will…
    • exhibit skills and knowledge consistent with a college preparatory curriculum with an emphasis on STREAM education.
    • use critical thinking skills to work with information and to promote independent, life-long learning.
    • express themselves to others creatively, articulately, and effectively.
    • exhibits active listening skills.
    • use technology to obtain, process, and transmit information in a legal and ethical manner.
    • demonstrate respect for differing points of view as well as an awareness of the social, political and economic challenges that result from an interdependent world.
  • INTEGRATED WOMEN who will…
    • exhibit self-worth and integrity through personal responsibility for their own actions and self-discipline.
    • set realistic, attainable goals and develop strategies to achieve them.
    • utilize successes and challenges as a means of growth.
    • develop strong and trusting relationships, as well as promoting the common good in a global community.
    • exhibit a sense of respect for self and others.
    • demonstrate behaviors that promote physical and emotional well-being.
    • work in a group setting to accomplish a task, sharing and developing unique talents.
    • demonstrate leadership skills, including responsibility, initiative, diligence, and cooperation.
    • relate in a positive manner within culturally and organizationally diverse groups.
    • exhibit a sense of civic responsibility and stewardship over the world's environment.
Development of the Expected Schoolwide Learning Results
The process for developing a statement of the Expected Schoolwide Learning results began in the spring semester of 2001. The WASC Leadership Team developed a simple plan to gather input from the school community. After a review of the Philosophy, the faculty, staff and a group of parents brainstormed in small groups the question, "What would you want a St. Lucy's graduate to know/have/be by the time she graduates?" and made a list of their ideas. Each group then narrowed their list by prioritizing, combining and eliminating traits and wrote the resulting list on a large paper that was posted for the entire group to see. Each group reported back to the large group, explaining why they had chosen the particular learning results they had singled out.
Following the meeting, the papers were posted in the faculty workroom for several weeks. During that time, the WASC Leadership Team collated the results and distributed a combined list to the participants. All individuals were asked to prioritize the proposed learning results and return the prioritized list to the Leadership Team. In the meantime, the community, parent, student and alumnae surveys were being conducted so that appropriate information from those could be considered as well. From the prioritized lists, the Leadership Team combined the most commonly selected results, categorized them in four basic categories and refined the wording.
The resulting statement of Expected Schoolwide Learning Results was then presented back to the faculty and staff. In groups of two or three, the faculty and staff considered each individual learning result and reported back to the large group as to how they could be achieved. These were very specific strategies, most of which were already being done in the school. Following that meeting, teachers took time during an E block class to review the Expected Schoolwide Learning Results with their students. This provided an opportunity for students to understand fully what was meant by each desired result and to give input on how it could be attained.
The finalized list of Expected Schoolwide Learning Results was published in the alumnae newsletter, the faculty and student handbooks, and the school Profile. At the Back-to-School Night in the fall, teachers distributed a list to the parents and reviewed them briefly. Large, laminated posters of the Expected Schoolwide Learning Results were posted in all classrooms.