Alumnae Legacy Scholarship Program

Our Alumnae Association strives to advance our St. Lucy's mission with great hope of welcoming young girls into the Regent family well into the next 60 years. In an effort to honor our Legacy Families, we have established an "Alumnae Legacy Scholarship Program" which will aid in providing the unparalleled opportunities that more than 60 generations of alumnae have already experienced. Now more than ever we are committed to transforming young women into educated and spiritual leaders of our society, but Sisters, we cannot do it without the help of those who have come before! We depend on YOU, our esteemed Regent Alumnae, to ensure that future Regents can receive the same exceptional award-winning Benedictine Catholic foundation that you were gifted during your time at St. Lucy's Priory High School.
This wishlist was curated for the many families who are facing financial hardships and will truly benefit from your generosity. No gift is too small, and all contributions will directly support the students. 
We are grateful to you and hope you take great pride in the important difference that your gift makes.