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Guidance FAQs

Q1. What percentage of St. Lucy’s students go onto college after graduation?


Usually, we have 100% of students attend college after graduation. In the class of 2020, 92 of 93 students planned on attending either a four-year of two-year college or university. Eighty-four percent planned on attending a four-year university and 15% a two-year college.  One student chose a GAP year.


Q2. How many counselors are on staff? How often do they meet with students?


We currently have two counselors on staff: Mrs. Tricia Helper oversees all freshmen and sophomores. Ms. Valeria Leiva focuses on juniors and seniors along with college admissions. Students will have a mandatory meeting with their counselor one (1) time a year and can schedule to meet with a counselor as often as they desire.


Q3. Given the COVID-19 era of remote learning, what does St. Lucy’s offer in terms of support in the college application process that they would not get in a public school?


While regrettably we are not able to start the year with face-to-face learning, St. Lucy’s has been an iPad school for several years and our transition to remote learning last spring was highly successful. The counseling department is dedicated in walking each student through the college application process throughout their high school career, but aggressively in the spring of their junior year. In addition to individual one-on-one sessions, Seniors have weekly meetings with their college counselor in theology classes for the first semester, as well as lunch application workshops during the month of October and December. Through the use of our college counseling program, Naviance, Google Classroom, and Zoom meetings, we continue to provide quality preparation for our students in the college application process.


Q4. How many AP classes do you offer?


We currently offer 10 AP classes and 7 honors classes. Acceptance into those classes depends on strict prerequisite requirements.


Q5. What UC schools have St. Lucy’s students been accepted to?


In the class of 2020, our students were accepted to all nine (9) UC schools that serve the undergraduate population.


Q6. Can students take summer school classes to get ahead?


Unfortunately, no. We currently do not offer summer school classes and we require core courses to be completed at St. Lucy’s to receive our diploma. Summer school is required to make up deficient grades and encouraged for students wanting to enrich their education. Summer school can be completed online through providers with UC approved courses, or through Damien High School, a local public school, or other community resources. All summer school plans should be discussed with a student’s counselor prior to enrollment and may require authorization.