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Cub Program


We proudly welcome the young girl in your life to take her first step in joining our Regent family by becoming a Lucy Cub! As a Cub, she will connect with current St. Lucy’s students as well as other young girls who aspire to be future Roarie Regents!


In 1962, St. Lucy’s Priory High School adopted the student body symbol of a Regent, which means “One Who Rules,” and designed the school seal to feature a lion rampant representing the coat-of-arms of St. Benedict and St. Scholastica. Keeping with this theme, the student body mascot became Roarie: a lioness built on confidence, character and scholarship.
By registering as a Little Lucy Cub (K-5th) or a Junior Lucy Cub (6th-8th), St. Lucy’s will give your Cub opportunities to grow in fellowship with her Regent family. For example, she will receive notes and goodies from junior or senior Regent Ambassadors and will be invited to special events on campus.
Any questions? Contact Mrs. Ashley Vallin at or (626) 253-9388.