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Regent Golf Classic

For nearly 60 years, St. Lucy’s has been revered for its stellar extracurriculars. Now more than ever, we have seen the true significance of both our Athletics and Arts Departments, during a time of such distress and uncertainty. Amidst the instability we have weathered, our girls turned to their teammates, friends, and coaches for continued strength and community.


It is now that time again for our 28th Annual Regent Golf Classic, a time-honored event, and we are proud to announce that for the first time ever, proceeds from this event will benefit BOTH our Athletics and Performing Arts Departments! These talented Regents brought spirit and life back to campus, during a time when we so desperately needed it. As our Regent Athletes practiced throughout last year on campus when everything was shut down, and readied themselves for when they could compete again, our Regent performers pivoted so gracefully as they turned their live musical into a stunning movie production.


Let us now join in fellowship and gratitude for these exceptional Regents in support of their passion and commitment, while also securing the necessary funds for future Regents, so that they will be given the same opportunities, for many years to come!  

We invite you to browse and bid on these amazing auction items, procured specially for you. Thank you for supporting these stellar young women and for joining us on Monday, June 20 at Red Hill Country Club for this beloved event.


Now let us celebrate our St. Lucy’s Regents with a day full of fun, food, and fellowship!