'24-'25 ASB and Class Officers

Our Regents showed their school spirit by voting for the upcoming '24-'25 ASB and Class Officers! Congratulations to all who ran and gave fantastic speeches! Here are the results:
'24-'25 ASB Officers:
President: Jacqueline Sanchez
Vice-President: Monique Marie Rivera
Secretary: Reese Fanchin
Treasurer: Alexa Straite
Secretary of School Spirit: Rebecca Cisneros
Social Chairperson: Suneva Fanchin
Historian: Rachel Boyle
Class of 2027:
President: Adrienne Ortiz
Vice-President: Juliana Santiago
Treasurer: Mylee Herrera
Social Chairperson: Sadie Yanes
Class of 2026:
President: Anais Ornelas
Vice-President: Beatrice Panaligan
Treasurer: Andrea Galvan
Social Chairperson: Mia Gamble
Class of 2025:
President: Cammyla Aguilar
Vice-President: Amber Garcia
Treasurer: Kate Burns
Social Chairperson: Brooklin Baylor