Sewing Makerspace!

Invitation for anyone to join a sewing session on Monday, November 20th from 9:00-12:00 pm.

Admission: $10

St. Lucy’s Sewing Classroom offers a variety of tools for textile crafting, embroidery, and sewing including:

-Knitting needles

-Embroidery hoops & floss

-Sewing machines & needles

-Sewing supplies (scissors, seam rippers, etc.)

-Books and patterns for inspiration

We have a small selection of fabric for you to practice with, but not enough for a large project. Please bring your own fabrics, thread, or yarn, and leave extra to share.

The sewing classroom has 16 mechanical singer sewing machines & 3 computerized sewing machines available for use in the classroom. The basic mechanical sewing machines with simple dials are suitable for new users to learn on. The computerized machines have 99 different stitches, the ability to make button holes and an easy oversized reverse button. Check out these easy beginner projects!

Note: there are 19 spots available, and the sewing session will be open from 9:00AM to 12:00pm. 


To reserve your spot, Please book within the Calendly link provided below.Feel free to drop in at your convenience and stay for as long as you like!


Samantha Castro Teacher | Clothing Construction [email protected]
(626)335-3322 ext. # 502