Survey and Update on the School Reopening

Dear St. Lucy's Families,

St. Lucy’s Priory High School’s preparations for the return of on-campus instruction for the 2020-21 school year and the safety precautions initiated during this COVID-19 time include:

✓ Completing a deep clean over the summer, disinfecting and sanitizing all classrooms per the campus maintenance procedures provided by the CDC.

✓ Working with a Health and Safety Task Force comprised of experts in the medical and operations fields along with staff, using guidance from the Archdiocese of Los Angeles in their “Starting the School Year Smart” guide.

✓ Designating a required student-parent app to be used for reporting compliance with safety requirements each school day before leaving home. (Specific information to follow.)

✓ Securing no-touch temperature scanners for individual screening upon entering the school building.

✓ Designating St. Lucy’s a “Cloth Face Mask Campus”, requiring everyone to comply with the wearing of a face mask.

✓ Arranging classroom seating and class sizes in support of physical distancing.

✓ Posting the signage needed for interior and exterior traffic flow.

✓ Attending to student needs and accommodating those unable to participate in on-campus instruction.

St. Lucy’s welcomes Freshmen, Sophomores and new students on Monday, August 10, and the rest of the student body on Tuesday, the 11th with the health and safety protocols due to COVID-19 in place. As the opening of school approaches, any additional directives from the State of California, Los Angeles County or the Archdiocese of Los Angeles Department of Education will be shared.

In an effort to safeguard our Regent family with a simultaneous focus on continuing to provide the stellar education you can expect, we ask that you take part in this brief survey regarding your circumstances at this time. Your feedback will help us better serve your needs with the hopes of also easing some of the anxiety associated with decisions made during this unprecedented time.

Thank you, in advance, for completing this survey.


Elizabeth Brown, OSB, President

S. Helen Dziuk, OSB, Principal Ermerita

Judy Hartranft, Principal