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Mother Daughter Rally

Mother Daughter Rally Reimagined

Mother Daughter Rally ReimaginedCalling all Regent Mothers and Daughters for a Rally Reimagined! Due to current restrictions in place preventing us from gathering together this Saturday, February 6 for our traditional event, we invite you to participate in our Mother Daughter Rally Reimagined for an alternative way to celebrate. Below is a list of suggested activities to help our Regent students carve out some fun quality time to spend with their remarkable mothers, grandmothers or special persons in their lives. Our St. Lucy's ASB has come up with some awesome ideas to enjoy and it's up to you...choose one or attempt them all! Whatever you do, we encourage you to capture this memory and document it in your virtual scrapbook. So, snap a selfie, post it on your social media, tag us #SLmotherdaughterrally, and most of all, be sure to have fun!  
  • Are some of our moms and daughters looking for a little adventure? If so, have some fun on a class color scavenger hunt in your neighborhood. Find green, yellow, pink, or red items throughout your community-- we challenge you to find 10 items in all different places! Bring us along on this excursion by posting photos of the scavenger hunt, tagging us, and using #SLmotherdaughterrally. Don’t forget to tell us what you find! 
  • It is hard for moms and daughters to agree on the same music, let alone the same dance moves! However, TikTok is a great way for moms and daughters to groove together. Post a TikTok in your class colors or rally gear and tag us, along with #SLmotherdaughterrally. We can’t wait to see you bust a move!  
  • During quarantine, baking has been a go-to hobby for lots of us, and now we want to see your skills! Please bake your favorite treats using class color food coloring, icings, and baking decorations. Post a picture of these class-color confections using the hashtag #SLmotherdaughterrally, and don’t forget to tag us too! Whether you are avid bakers, or just have a sweet tooth, we cannot wait to see what you make together! 
  • Who else likes to shop their blues away? For lots of moms and daughters, shopping is not only great for spending time with each other, but it is a good way to get out of the house! For our Regent gals who are itching to go to their favorite stores, take your mom with you for a fun outing of shopping! Pick a store or two that both of you like, and if they are open head to the dressing rooms, and put on a fashion show! Tag us in a photo of you two at your favorite store or in your brand-new outfit with #SLmotherdaughterrally. Happy shopping, ladies!
  • We know these times you might be going stir crazy being stuck inside the house for so long. That is why we would love to see our SL moms and daughters go out on a dinner date! And if you decide to stay home, we still want to see you two lovelies spend a nice dinner together. Make a picnic outside, or set the table for just the two of you, and have a quiet evening enjoying your favorite meal!  However you decide to have dinner together, create a special night with your favorite gal and get some much needed time together! Post a picture of your evening using #SLmotherdaughterrally  and tag us! Bon appetit! 
  • During this trying time, it makes us realize how blessed we are. Unfortunately, there are many who are struggling every day. For our mothers and daughters who are looking to give back, we ask you to help someone in your community, like dropping off a meal to someone who is sick or a healthcare worker you know. Another way to give back is to donate your time to your family-favorite charity! However you choose to help those in need, we would love to be a part of it! Tag us in a picture of the two of you giving back with #SLmotherdaughterrally. We thank you for making a difference!
  • Sometimes bonding doesn’t mean doing something extravagant. Sometimes the best ways to connect are in the simple, everyday moments. For our Regent moms and daughters who are always on the go and have a hard time finding time to connect, set a few minutes aside and go on a walk with each other! Taking a moment to reconnect with each other on a stroll could be the best way to bond. Take a photo of the two of you on your walk with #SLmotherdaughterrally, and tag us so we can see that beautiful moment!