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Convinced that the woman of today has a large spectrum of interests as well as power for good, St. Lucy’s Priory High School offers the motto Lux, Veritas, Pax – Light, Truth, Peace; knowing that in each person lies the fullness of truth in Christ.

School Crest

The school seal symbolizes the educational aims of the school. The open book, the classical symbol of institutions of learning, bears the school motto which expresses both the Benedictine heritage and the work of the teaching staff. The lion rampant represents the coat-of-arms of the noble Roman family of St. Benedict and St. Scholastica.

Alma Mater

Rolling hills, snow-capped mountains

Rustling palms, stately pines

Winding roads, noble buildings,

Alma mater, Lovely Light!

Light, truth, peace.

Shall ever be our motto.

Blue on blue.

Our pledge of loyal hearts.

Light, truth, peace,

O lovely Alma Mater.

Though we leave

We hold you in our hearts.

Alma Mater, we will return to you.

Alma Mater, Lovely Light!