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History and Traditions

St. Lucy’s Priory High School is a private four-year secondary school for girls located at 655 West Sierra Madre Avenue at the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains in Glendora, California. The building was completed in 1963 and was formally dedicated February 2 , 1964, by Cardinal James McIntyre. Continuous growth of the student body has necessitated several renovations and additions.
The multipurpose gymnasium was completed in May of 1981 and additional classrooms were completed during the 1996 school year.
St. Lucy’s Priory High School is owned and operated by the Benedictine Sisters who established their priory in Glendora, California, in 1952.
Since the founding of St. Lucy’s Priory High School, the staff of Benedictine Sisters and laywomen and men continues to give dedicated service to the students.
Order Of St. Benedict
 Benedictines were among the very first monastic communities in the Western World. St. Benedict founded the monastery of Monte Casino outside of Rome in the sixth century. The communities that followed him and his twin sister, St. Scholastica, have always tried to answer the needs of the local areas in which they lived. Benedictines have been missionaries, teachers, farmers, librarians, and musicians and have led lives of peace and prayer over the last fifteen hundred years. The communities came to the United States in the 1800’s to serve the growing immigrant populations of this nation. They continue to establish smaller communities to serve the needs of the local people and the Church.
St. Lucy’s Priory High School is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges, a regional accrediting association recognized by the California Office of Education and the National Commission of Accrediting. St. Lucy’s was first accredited in 1967 and is presently accredited through 2020, having received the highest six-year status accreditation designation. St. Lucy’s Priory High School is also accredited by the Western Catholic Educational Association. St. Lucy’s Priory High School is accredited by the Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools of the University of California.
School Patron
St. Lucy was an early Roman martyr who was killed for her convictions and her faith. The name “Lucy” comes from the Latin lux or lucis, which means light. St. Lucy was a young woman whose very name symbolizes the light of faith, of learning and of knowledge. In the late 1940’s Mother Lucy Dooley of Mount St. Scholastic’s convent in Atchison, Kansas, was asked by a community friend, Bishop Charles Buddy, to send sisters to the newly formed diocese of San Diego. In 1952 the community expanded north and worked in the schools of Baldwin Park, Covina, West Covina, Claremont, Azusa and Glendora. The present priory was purchased in 1952 and named in honor of this woman who was known for her strength, courage, vision, kindness and humor. St. Lucy’s Priory became independent in 1956.