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Extracurricular Activities

 A variety of social events, publications and clubs offer the student a choice of extracurricular activities with which to enrich her academic program. Participating in extracurricular activities is a privilege and not a right of every student. An extracurricular record is a very important supplement to a scholastic record. Students and parents are kept informed of school activities by a letter and a calendar that are mailed to the home.

Scholastic Eligibility and Conditions for Extracurricular Activities

Eligibility is determined at the end of quarter and semester, and is based on the following criteria:

  1. All student athletes must meet the general eligibility requirements as stated in Article 2 of the California Interscholastic Federation, Southern Section Bylaws, Sections 200 through 229.

  2. All students must maintain a 2.0 grade point average. The 2.0 grade point average will be based upon all subjects that the school normally includes in the G.P.A. The 4 point scale is used: A=4; B=3; C=2; D=1; F=0. Physical Education is not included.

  3. No student is eligible if she receives a quarter “F” in any subject.

  4. No student is eligible if she receives three “D’s” in any of the current grading periods.

  5. Freshmen students will not begin eligibility under this provision until the completion of the first quarter of their Freshman year.

  6. Student athletes who enter from another school district or a school within the district will be eligible under C.I.F. rules and have the next quarter to become eligible under St. Lucy’s High School rules.

  7. A list of those ineligible shall be circulated to the moderators and coaches, and the students affected shall be notified that they must terminate their active participation in that activity or sport. Eligibility is usually not re-established until the next quarter grading period.

  8. Eligibility may be regained by taking and passing enough work in the summer to make up the academic deficiencies of the fourth quarter.

  9. A summer school course which is failed or passed with a “D” does not qualify a student as eligible for extracurricular activities.

Other Conditions of Eligibility

  1. No student may receive more than three “Needs Improvement” in Conduct.

  2. No student may receive two or more “Unsatisfactory” in Conduct.

  3. No student may receive an “Unsatisfactory” in Conduct in combination with any other “NI’s” in Conduct from another class.

  4. No student may receive three or more "Unsatisfactory" in Effort, or Conduct and Effort combined.

  5. In order to participate in practice or a contest the student must have been in classes for the minimum of half a day. Any exceptions will be cleared by the Athletic Director or Moderator before the day in question.

  6. All students are responsible to make up any homework, activities or tests for any day not in class due to an event. This policy governs all school extra-curricular activities such as athletics, Drama, Associated Student Body Offices, etc.

Students must meet any higher requirements already established by school policy; e.g., A.S.B. Office. After they have such a position, they must maintain the general policy for all school activities.

Attendance at School Events

Any student who is absent from school (for three blocks or more) on the day of a school event (game, dance, etc.) may NOT attend or participate in the event. Exceptions are approved by the Director of Student Activities.

Off-Campus Activities

Field trips and other off-campus activities are privileges afforded to students and are not absolute rights. Students may not be permitted to attend co-curricular activities if they do not meet the academic or behavior requirements. St. Lucy’s Field Trip Permission Forms are required and must be presented by the deadline. All school rules and policies, including dress code and grooming, are to be followed when students are attending off-campus activities.

Students who miss classes for such activities are personally responsible for all class work and assignments. Students may be asked to pay the cost of travel and activities.

Non-Uniform Dress

Proper clothing is to be worn during any school related practice or any weekend campus activity. Students must wear outfits in keeping with good taste. Refer to page 28 of the Parent / Student Handbook.

Admission to the dance or activity will be denied if dress or grooming is in violation of guidelines. Students may also be required to serve detention for abuse of dress and grooming guidelines. Students may be asked to do light cleaning and other service tasks during their detention period.

Guidelines for All Dances

For students and their dates:

  1. Dances are usually held from 7:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. No student is admitted later than 9:00 p.m.

  2. No student is admitted without the school A.S.B. card and ticket.

  3. A St. Lucy’s student must invite a male guest to any “couples” dance. No junior high school students allowed. No one 21 years of age or older may attend any tri-school dance or activity.

  4. Seniors are permitted to leave a half-hour before the end of a St. Lucy’s dance with the permission of faculty supervision. In case of an emergency, a student or her guest may leave early after notifying the Director of Student Activities. No one is to be readmitted once she or he has left the event.


  1. No alcoholic beverages are permitted on the grounds. NO student is to be under the influence of alcohol, narcotics or drugs at any school event.

  2. No smoking is allowed.


  1. Students are to conduct themselves as mature, responsible individuals. Courtesy to chaperones, school officials, adult guests and other students is expected at all times.

  2. Undesirable or improper conduct or violation of school policies by a student at a school sponsored event results in the loss of student body card, notification of parents, and/or disciplinary action by the Disciplinary Committee.

  3. All dancing must be appropriate. Students may not dance in a manner that is sexually suggestive.

  4. Excessive display of affection or distasteful conduct will not be allowed.

  5. No defiant or belligerent behavior or abusive language will be allowed.

  6. St. Lucy’s students are responsible for the dress, condition and behavior of their dates. All students and their dates are to conduct themselves as mature and responsible individuals.

Dress Guidelines for all School Related Activities

The attire of St. Lucy's students must be modest and appropriate at school or school functions. Admission may be denied for any dress, attire, or appearance that is deemed inappropriate by St. Lucy’s staff. The enforcement of dress guidelines rests with the Director of Student Activities or designee.

  • Students may NOT wear the following to school related activities:

    • shorts or skorts shorter than three inches above the knee

    • sports shorts

    • skirts shorter than three inches above the knee

    • bare backs, shoulders, or waists

    • halter, tank, tube, strapless, spaghetti strap or backless tops

    • low cut tops, blouses, sweaters, etc.

    • hats, scarves, visors, hoods or forehead bands

    • low cut pants, skirts or shorts

    • jeans not in good condition, faded or torn

    • leggings or leotards unless worn under approved skirts or pants

    • ragged, cut-off shorts or pants

    • sweatpants, pajamas or thermals

    • hooded sweatshirts, tops or jackets

    • anything that covers the face: scarves, masks, etc.

    • military or camouflage clothing

    • “spiked” wristbands or jewelry

    • shoes that are not sensible and low heeled

    • visible undergarments

    • shirts printed with double meanings

    • slippers or boots

    • clothing or belongings that advertise illegal substances or activities

    • clothing or belongings that suggest gang affiliation

    • anything deemed inappropriate by the Administration

  • Grooming
    Students/dates are required to look neat and attractive at all times and anything that could be considered excessive by way of skirt length, make-up, hairstyles, hair length, hair color, inappropriate or gaudy jewelry, visible tattoos, fingernails, or lack of refinement in dress are indicative of poor taste. Students/dates may not wear curlers, rollers, head coverings, scarves, forehead bands, etc.

    • Jewelry - may not be worn in nose or parts of the face or body other than in the ears; body-piercing jewelry is not permitted.

    • Body Paint/Tattoos - Students may not use/wear facial or body paint or tattoos to school or at any school related activity.

    • Hair Color/Styles - Extreme hair colors such as paint red, pink, green, etc. are not acceptable. Bleaching, unnatural streaking of hair or extreme hair styles are not permitted. Multi-colored or two-toned hair is not permitted.

Dance Pick-Up

  1. ALL students must be picked up on first level by the Resource Center no later than 10:45 p.m. $20.00 will be charged for each half hour or part of a half hour after the conclusion of any dance that a student needs supervising.

  2. Parents may start lining up to pick up students at 10:15 p.m. when the gates are reopened.

  3. Students may not be picked up on Sierra Madre Avenue at any time after dances.

  4. When leaving the dance, parents will be directed by the police to make a right turn only onto Sierra Madre.

Freshman & Senior Father-Daughter Dances

All Freshman and Seniors and their fathers are invited to attend. Freshman Father-Daughter Dance is usually held the first semester and the Senior Father-Daughter Dance is held the second semester. Dances are held in the St. Lucy’s gym from 7:30-10:30 p.m.

Senior Grad Night

Senior Grad Night is usually held at Disneyland the week prior to graduation. Grad Night is for seniors ONLY and their guests no underclass students may attend Senior Grad Night. No one 21 years of age or older may attend. All seniors and their guests must complete a permission form and pay the required fee prior to attending. All seniors and their guests must abide by the Extracurricular Activity Guidelines as stated in the St. Lucy’s Parent/Student Handbook.


The annual musical, Starlight Serenade, is presented each spring in the school amphitheater. All students are invited to audition. A participation fee is required.